Taylor and Seale Education

Taylor and Seale Education is now in its first stage of preparation. It has information for teachers and parents to research teaching ideas and ways to help students learn.

The first products featured are books for students of all ages.

The next products (and we have already started-click here to go to the Translated Books section) will be translated books for younger readers, currently available on the Taylor and Seale Publishing website (www.taylorandseale.com). These will feature English on one side of a page with a foreign language on the other (Ex. English/Spanish).  

Next are audio books and materials to aid students with learning problems.

Some books will feature  discussion questions. Some will be available in teaching packets. Teachers will have special prices for bulk buying.  We  also have sections for teachers, parents or students to access learning or teaching tips for free.  

Dr. Mary Custureri, who has a Doctor of Education Degree (Leadership with Curiculum and  Instruction as major focus), a Specialist Degree in Reading, a Master of Education in Literature and Composition and a Bachelor of Science, has a long history of having taught  or counseled students of all grade levels in exceptional, average or honors classes. She is also a Certified Teacher Trainer of Learning Strategies. Her many awards and recognitions attest to the success of her programs.