Authors of Adult Level Books

Steve "Doc" Marks

More than 50 years ago, Steve Marks (known in the natural body-building and fitness fields as “Doc”) began a journey that would evolve into a lifelong passion, all as a result of the simple purchase of a Junior Hercules Barbell Set.  This wondrous and complicated journey was enriched by Doc’s interaction with some of the driving forces in the fitness storm that were brewing, forming a mighty storm that swept the country in the 1970's. His interaction with the likes of Vince Gironda and Arthur Jones would forever shape and form his assertion that logic was and is the driving force in results for the average man and woman seeking enhanced body strength and image. That’s also why he called his book Train with Your Brain.

Train with Your Brain   

DiBrito Paul

Paul DiBrito has held executive positions in several large corporations – excellent and successful companies, as well as a few that did not fare well over the years. Currently, he is the Principal of Cornerstone Consulting Services, a consulting company he started to help companies that want to grow and/or to reduce costs. He uses his experience to advise companies how to grow or to fix their corporations. In the past several years, he has consulted with large and established companies, and small to medium growth companies as well as startup companies.

Executive Misbehavior  

Taylor and Seale Education

Dr. Mary Custureri

Dr. Mary Custureri has experience working with students from every academic level, the latest of which  was  full-time university for twelve years.  She  is recognized for her creation of an award-winning Strategies program and writes books which  explain and use her strategies to learn and to teach.  A  member of the "Who's Who of American Women" and "Who's Who in American Education" societies, she has  been the recipient of numerous grants and awards for her teaching excellence.  Her writing experience is varied -- from  newspaper columns, pamphlets, booklets for students and parents, teacher manuals and student self-help books.  

 Instructional Strategies, Helping All Students Succeed  

Help Yourself Learn in Ten Easy Steps (contact Dr. Mary if you want to purchase this book)