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Audrey Cull

Audrey Hannah Cull wrote “Elliott’s Gift” while a student at Texas State University. She enjoys spending her time outside and painting, which she claims to not be very good at. She quickly fell in love with her college campus. With the river and beautiful Texas sky, it wasn’t hard for her to find her inspiration.
“Elliott’s Gift” was written to show younger siblings what college is really about and help to give a fun perception of college. Elliott’s story can also help potential students with their transition from high school to college life. College can be seen as an alien world with scary monsters. During Audrey’s first few months, college was a different word. But she persevered, and she is now a well-known and involved leader on her campus. And she hopes to continue to lead through her creativity and imagination. 

​Elliott's Gift

Authors of Young Adult Books

Melody Anglin

Author Melody Long Anglin is a concert artist, harpist and vocalist with a master’s Degree in Musical Performance and a Harp therapy certification from the International Harp Therapy Program. She performa locally and abroad and has been of TV with PBS, NPR, World Radio Network, The World Harp Orchestra, San Diego and also as harpist for PTL Satellite Networks “Sunday Night Live”. Melody has worked with dave Brubeck and american composers David Diamond, Jacob Druckman and Franco Autori -- assistant conductor to Arturo Toscanini. Contact: www.MelodyConcertArtist.com

​The Littlest Harpist   

Lee Arthur

Lee Arthur is also the author of The Mer-Lion (Warner Books), historical set during Tudor times. Arthur covers a period of approximately thirty years in this book, during the time of Henry VIII. The story takes place in Scotland, and gives the reader a very good idea of the politics and sovereign rulers of that time.  

The Flying Filly

Marie Bartlett

Born in Melbourne, Australia to an Australian mother and American father, Marie Bartlett spent more than twenty-five years as a creative nonfiction writer and public relations consultant. A member of the American Society of Journalists & Authors (ASJA) and Western Writers of America, she has four published nonfiction books and hundreds of print articles. She has ghost-written two nonfiction books and is working on her third. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Education.

Pearl, MD.

Mary Kay Pyles

Mary Kay Pyles, a retired elementary school principal and educator, saw many children who endured difficult life situations. She wrote Rise And Shine, Rosie to honor those who overcame their challenges and to encourage those who are still struggling.
Rise And Shine Rosie won the coveted first place Royal Palm Literary award for unpublished middle-grade Fiction at the 2012 Florida Writers Conference.

​Rise and Shine, Rosie

Frank Ceravolo

Frank C. Ceravolo, a graduate of Florida Atlantic University with degrees in both Administration and Biology, is an entrepreneur and inventor. He owns a company that incorporates one of his patent-pending designs in automotive engineering. He has also worked as a case manager and guardian of abused children in the State of Florida. Also a master falconer, he has utilized his extensive knowledge and experience with this ancient sport in developing a system which prevents collisions between aircraft and wildlife in an effort to save lives. A frequent traveler and adventurer, he enjoys meeting people of diverse cultures and spending time appreciating some of the most beautiful locales in the world. Writing, scuba diving, surfing, and sport driving are among his passions. His extensive knowledge of wildlife in the south Florida area is apparent when he lectures about the diverse types of animals and birds found in that area (and mentioned in Little Emil Yek and the Search for the Giant Deer). His lectures are enlightening and enjoyable for children as well as adults, many of whom have read his book and can identify some of the interesting characters. 

Little Emil Yek and the Search for the Giant Deer