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Joan Harris

Joan Harris, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, lives in New Smyrna Beach, Florida with her husband, Charles, They are the parents of four grown sons and are now enjoying thirteen grandchildren, which helps explain Joan’s interest in writing for children.
Joan is a member of Florida Writers Association and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She is an award winner in the 2013 Royal Palm Literary Society and a finalist in the upcoming 2014 Royal Palm Literary awards.

A Princess, A Prince and A Dragon

Janet Becerra

Author Janet Becerra, who has dedicated her book to her 14 grandchildren, is a little like Mrs. James in the story. She loves to bake and work on ceramics. But she also likes to garden and tell stories. She has not lost the vivid imagination she had as a child, and now she continues to give joy to her grandchildren, who love to exchange stories with her.

Piper and the Sneezy-Weezy Cadoodle Daisy   

Theresa Burns

From the age of five, Theresa Burns, originally from Chicago, dreamed of being able to illustrate children’s books.  In 1989, she wrote and illustrated her first book, "You’re Not My Cat", through Harper Collins. A member of S.C.B.W.I. for several years, she has illustrated 24 books for herself and for other authors. Her books have received excellent reviews from Publishers Weekly, School Library Journal and Writers Digest.  You can see more of her work at: www.theresaburns.com

Queen Emileen   

Chris Gantry

Chris Gantry (Christopher Cedzich) began his career as a singer/songwriter at age fourteen with a recording contract for Paramount Records. Chris has written more than 1,000 songs. Some of them as collaborations with Nashville’s best: Kris Kristofferson, Mel Tillis, Shel Silverstein, and Eddie Rabbit.

The Underwater Orchestra

Up Down The Front Back Door

​Captain Jonah and His Search For God

Claire Hull

Claire Hull, a former elementary school teacher and art teacher, who now lives in central Florida,  helps home-school her two grandchildren while writing children’s books.  She explains, “I want to use my teaching background and passion for traveling to inspire children and young people, making them aware of the many interesting and exciting experiences they can have through travel."

Frozen In Time

​Isn't That Silly

Dr. Nancy Mims

Dr. Nancy Griffin Mims holds the title of Professor Emerita from the University of West Georgia.  Presently, she is full-time faculty at Jones International University, where she teaches online Master’s and Doctoral level courses.
She has visited several countries, not only to teach, but also to learn about the various myths and cultures.  Living in St. Petersbrg, Russia as a Fulbright scholar, Dr. Mims explored children’s literature and became fascinated with the way the russian folk tales imparted daily lessons and morals.  Later, in her travels to India for over a decade to lecture, teach and serve as the principal of two schools, one in Nashik, the other in Tardeo, provided her with more oportunities to read and stury children’s literature.

The Christmas Geese

​The Easter Geese

​The Summer Geese

Dr. James Shoopman

Dr. Jim Shoopman,  a professor of Ethics and Comparative Religions in the Humanities department of Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University, is also a published writer, an ordained minister and an instructor of public speaking.  He lives in Daytona Beach Florida with his wife Susan,  and they enjoy visiting their grandsons in nearby Jacksonville.

Cowboy Zack Meets Jack and Jill Sprat

Zackary Hamm In The Land of Eggs

Cowboy Zack and the Monkey from the Muggletown Zoo

Terri Hoffman

Terri Hoffman grew up in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania and moved to Mesa, Arizona, when she was thirteen. She earned her BA in Anthropology from Arizona State University where she baby sat chimpanzees for one of her classes and worked on the university newspaper. Terri now has a new website www.terrihoffman.com

Sly Fly and the Gray Mare

​Sly Fly and the Gray Mare at The Rodeo

Joni Craig

Joni F. Craig grew up in New York, the daughter of a pediatrician. Her mother studied journalism. Joni received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Maryland and then certification at the Institute of Childrenʼs Literature in Connecticut.

Pies Don't Fly  

​A Shoulder for Oscar  

​A Bad Night's Sleep 

The Fish From The Cherryville Grill

Dr. Mary Custureri
Dr. Mary Custureri has experience working with students from every academic level, the latest of which  was  full-time university for twelve years.  She  is recognized for her creation of an award-winning Strategies program and writes books which  explain and use her strategies to learn and to teach. 

Meet Happy Anderson

​Happy Anderson and Cookie Cat

Happy Anderson and Connie Clam

Happy Anderson and Dimmie Dolphin

Jane and Tom Anderson

Jane and Tom Anderson’s delightful children’s book, Joy’s Bluebird Adventure is based on the antics of their own beloved Yorkie. Mrs. Anderson has been an art teacher and media specialist. Mr. Anderson had been a radio announcer, businessman, and often a performer in the opera.
Very active people, they volunteered much time in pursuing civic and cultural activities. Readers will enjoy the antics of Joy, a curious Yorkie, as she explores her environment, seeks friendship and becomes a heroine.

Joy's Bluebird Adventure   

Melody Anglin

Author Melody Long Anglin is a concert artist, harpist and vocalist with a master’s Degree in Musical Performance and a Harp therapy certification from the International Harp Therapy Program. She performs locally and abroad and has been of TV with PBS, NPR, World Radio Network, The World Harp Orchestra, San Diego and also as harpist for PTL Satellite Networks “Sunday Night Live”. Melody has worked with dave Brubeck and American composers David Diamond, Jacob Druckman and Franco Autori -- assistant conductor to Arturo Toscanini. Contact: www.MelodyConcertArtist.com

​The Littlest Harpist   

Ava Roulier 

Ava Roulier started writing poetry with her grandfather, Dan Pels when she was five years old. She not only writes poetry, but also enjoys painting, piano, and gymnastics, excelling in all four activities. 
She has already had a successful public poetry presentation at The Hub in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. 
Several poems in this book were written when she was seven.

With Cherries on Top

Helena Yates  

Helena Yates is an award winning lyricist with a penchant for writing kid’s poems and stories. She is also mom to the real Princess Rain and her two younger siblings. When she is not chasing her active brood, she is busy writing, playing music, teaching ballet, practicing yoga, and cooking creative, kid friendly meals. She currently lives in Port Orange, Florida with her husband and three children.

Princess Rain and The Dragon

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