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Is God real?

If He is real, then why can't we see Him. . .

or. . .can we see Him?

Maybe we're looking in the wrong place!

Maybe He's closer than we ever imagined–

closer than our own breath.

Let's go with Captain Jonah and search for God.

How far do you think we will have to look?

Imagine being under the waves, in the beautiful world of fish and sea creatures. What if they had a band? Who would lead them? What instruments would they play? The Underwater Orchestra is a delightful story about animals and fish living under the sea who come together to form a band. Both real and imagined, these characters lead the reader in a lyrical journey. Dive into this book and get swept away with whales, mermaids, and many other colorful creatures of the sea.

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What if one day you woke up and the world was a different place from the one you knew? WOWZZA! Wouldn't that be exciting? A sidewalk was really a little girl who walked sideways all the time. And a butterfly was a stick of butter that flew arround the house. Come visit this different world. Maybe you've been there before. HAVE YOU?

Also available on KINDLE

Chris Gantry

Chris Gantry (Christopher Cedzich) began his career as a singer/songwriter at age fourteen with a recording contract for Paramount Records. Chris has written more than 1,000 songs. Some of them as collaborations with Nashville’s best: Kris Kristofferson, Mel Tillis, Shel Silverstein, and Eddie Rabbit. Over 100 of his songs were recorded by various artists: Roy Clark, Johnny Cash, Sonny Curtis, Robert Goulet, Wayne Newton, Johnny Lee, Reba McEntire, Billy Walker, Garry Pucket, KD Lang, Yankee Grey, and Rhett Akins, including “Dreams of the Everyday Housewife” by Glen Campbell, which won three M.M.I. awards plus the Millionaires Award for over two million performances. It also won the Nashville Songwriter Award in 1968. Chris recorded five albums for Monument and ABC Dot Records and has written for Sony Music, Warner Chapel Music, and Faverett Music Group. Chris won the Tennessee Williams Playwriting Contest with a collection of one act plays titled Teeth and Nails. He also wrote a collection of published short stories entitled Father Duck Tales. Chris continues writing music with some of today’s brightest up-and-coming stars and living the life of a Gypsy Dreamer!​​

The Underwater Orchestra

Up Down The Front Back Door

Captain Jonah and His Search For God