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Come with Charlie and Joel and share the fun as they explore a 1900 year old lava tube in search of the Meatball. Crawl with them through the buried trunk of a tree that doesn't exist any more. These are real places!!! Find out where.

Charlie and Joel visit grandpa and grandma's farm and have an adventure with bats. Joel fantasizes that he can speak to the bats. Both children learn much about bats in an interesting enjoyable way.

This book awakens a sense of wonder and appreciation of unusual animals.    

Frozen In Time

Isn't That Silly

Claire Hull

Claire Hull, a former elementary school teacher and art teacher, who now lives in central Florida,  helps home-school her two grandchildren while writing children’s books.  She explains, “I want to use my teaching background and passion for traveling to inspire children and young people, making them aware of the many interesting and exciting experiences they can have through travel.  Learning about different  people and animals, as well as all the remarkable facts about different parts of our amazing planet, will help them travel mentally throughout a number of different and exciting experiences.  This book, ISN’T THAT SILLY is the first of the series of Charlie and Joel’s adventures. Through their adventures, I hope to awaken a sense of wonder and appreciation of our wonderful world.“

Mrs. Hull, an editor for the children’s book division of Taylor and Seale Publishing, LLC has also edited film clips for the reading program of the Happy Anderson series reading program.  She has been an award winner in a Kodak National Photo Contest.