College Freshmen

Executive Misbehavior by Paul DiBrito

A company's biggest liability may often be the misguided values and the integrity of its own leadership! DiBrito's book exposes problems that occur when the leaders in a corporation are unaware of the lack of responsibility of the top employees, or choose to ignore transgressions of ethical behavior. A company can rise or fall through the actions of its executives. DiBrito's interesting book brings to the fore so much the public, or even a corporation itself, is often not aware of. EXECUTIVE MISBEHAVIOR should make an impact on the conscience of America's corporate leaders.

Also available on KINDLE.

Second edition also available on Lifeway and Christian Books

Taylor and Seale Education

Help Yourself Learn in Ten Easy Steps by Dr. Mary Custureri

This publication is geared toward college students but may also assist high school students as well. On a basic level, it is a guide to teach students how to study, to write and to learn the many strategies involved. Once this is accomplished, students can tailor this concept to various topics and to their own styles of communication to enhance their ability to adapt and learn at home and in classroom environments.

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