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Who could ever help poor old Jack Spratt? 
For he is so lean and his wife is so fat 
Everyone thinks it's a hopeless task 
'Till Zack comes to the rescue at last. 

Zachary Hamm in the Land of Eggs 
Cowboy Zack and the Monkey from the Muggletown Zoo

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Dr. Shoopman's book, ZACHARY HAMM IN THE LAND OF EGGS, is a juvenile fantasy with a message. It is only one of the rhyming bedtime stories the author created for the real life Zach, a young friend who is now getting his own doctorate. Besides being extremely entertaining, the story also has a message -- that we should not hate people who are different from us. Anyone who enjoys Dr. Seuss books will enjoy this book destined to become a classic.

COWBOY ZACHARY HAMM comes to the rescue when a monkey from the Muggletown Zoo escapes. He is a strange little monkey who likes to pinch people's noses and stomp on hats. Nobody can stop him until Zachary Hamm follows him. The monkey tries his tricks on Zack, but Zack is smarter. This is the second book in the Zachary Hamm series written by Dr. Shoopman. His first is Zachary Hamm in the Land of Eggs.

Dr. James Shoopman

Dr. Jim Shoopman,  a professor of Ethics and Comparative Religions in the Humanities department of Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University, is also a published writer, an ordained minister and an instructor of public speaking,   He lives in Daytona Beach Florida with his wife Susan,  and they enjoy visiting their grandsons in nearby Jacksonville.  

Dr. Shoopman enjoys  helping people learn how to love each other.  One of his works, Trumpets: Poems of Faith, Hope and Love or the Lack Thereof  reveals this trait.  This same idea is carried out in his first children’s book,  Zachary Hamm in the Land of Eggs.

Professor Shoopman is now writing a series of Zachary Hamm books, based on stories he told years ago to a young acquaintance, the real Zachary Hamm.