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This publication is geared toward college students but may also assist high school students as well. On a basic level, it is a guide to teach students how to study, to write and to learn the many strategies involved. Once this is accomplished, students can tailor this concept to various topics and to their own styles of communication to enhance their ability to adapt and learn at home and in classroom environments.

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This publication provides a strategic instructional approach that fosters successful learning for all students. Dr. Mary provides classroom-proven techniques that assist children with identified learning disabilities.


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Help Yourself Learn in Ten Easy Steps

Instructional Strategies: Helping All Students Succeed

Cookie Cat is scared of everything and everyone.  When Happy Anderson, once a sgtray dog,  finds her on a farm, he has to entice her to respond and entice his family to adopt her.  Cookie finally emerges as a new personality and friend in Happy's life.

Tired of her mud home, Connie Clam wants to roam, although her mother gives her dire warnings. When she arrives on shore, she is frightened until Happy Anderson, once a stray dog and now a proud "family member"  of the Anderson family finds her.

He shows her a new world of carnival rides, surfing, games and fun on the shore.  When she is worried about getting home again, he comes up with a plan and off she goes to tell of her adventures and to plan her next trip.

 Dimmy Dolphin. a lonely dolphin rejected by his family because he is awkward and not as skillful in swimming as his two brothers and his sister, wanders away and finds Happy, the friendly dog adopted by Bobby Anderson. 

Happy and his family befriend Dimmy Dolphin, who then saves the lives of people on a sinking boat. Dimmy becomes a hero and is finally happy with his friends and his family who now appreciate him.

Happy Anderson and Dimmy dolphin is the first book of the Ocean series of Happy Anderson books written by Dr. Mary C. Custureri, (Dr. C.C.) a reading specialist dedicated to accelerate reading development from kindergarten through college.

The first in the Happy Anderson series introduces the lovable golden-colored dog, Happy, to the Anderson family.

When Bobby's parents decide to buy him a dog, Bobby is sad when none of the dogs at the pet shop appeal to him.

Later that evening, he meets his new best friend in a most unusual way.

Meet Happy Anderson

Happy Anderson and Cookie Cat

Happy Anderson and Connie Clam

Happy Anderson and Dimmie Dolphin

Dr. Mary Custureri

Dr. Mary Custureri has experience working with students from every academic level, the latest of which  was  full-time university for twelve years.  She  is recognized for her creation of an award-winning Strategies program and writes books which  explain and use her strategies to learn and to teach.  A  member of the "Who's Who of American Women" and "Who's Who in American Education" societies, she has  been the recipient of numerous grants and awards for her teaching excellence.  Her writing experience is varied -- from  newspaper columns, pamphlets, booklets for students and parents, teacher manuals and student self-help books.  Some of Dr. Custureri's published works a Instructional Strategies: Helping all Students Succeed (A Manual for Teachers and Administrators); Help Yourself Learn in Ten Easy Steps; The Happy Anderson Series of children's books  (so far 4 published and 20 more in the planning stage; a published doctoral dissertation "Read a Book in an Hour: A Wholistic Reading." (Florida Atlantic University, 1989) and a historical novel under her maiden name.

 She is a member of the SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators), the FWA (Florida Writers Association);  the National Council of Teachers of English, the International Reading Association, The Delta Kappa Gamma association  of key teachers, and is active in the semination and awareness of  good literature.   She has served on educational advisory boards, including a reading board for a national children's magazine and on a county board of education as consultant.   She has been awarded numerous grants and recognition for her successful innovations. Her first  book, Instructional Strategies: Helping all Students Succeed, a manual for teachers, published by the NCEA in Washington, is based on her experiences as a department head of the successful high school course,  Communications, which she created and which is still ongoing under the name Strategies.

Dr. Mary is a speaker who has presented at state, national and international English and reading association conferences: NCTE, FDEA, IRA, FRA, TESOL and  at other leading academic and cultural conferences. She has served on school advisory boards in public and private schools and is a recognized authority in teaching children, motivating students and teaching teachers.

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