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The little geese take an extended stroll through their forest where they find new friends, who tell them about Halloween and Thanksgiving traditions. New faces, strange foods, and the beauty of autumn all add up to a fun adventure for our three favorite geese! 

The Autumn Geese

The three playful geese, Gladys, Gloria and Gretchen, decide to leave the forest and explore other regions. Their adventurous spirit takes them on a trip to south Florida. after a long and tiring flight, they discover a strange neighborhood. Their curiosity and eccentric antics cause a protective chihuahua to befriend them. From Carlos, the three geese learn the history of a very important summer celebration, which they share with their friends back home.

They are very neat little geese, and at Christmas time they dust and clean to be ready for the holiday.  One little goose finishes first, and when she is tired of waiting, she starts eating crackers.  What happens next begins an adventure with a surprise ending, involving a whole neighborhood of little birds. It is a perfect Christmas story.

The beloved three Christmas geese who live in the forest – Gladys, Gloria and Gretchen – are back again at Easter. This time, they team up with the deputy Easter rabbit as they volunteer their skills in decorating. Once again, little goose Gladys is so exuberant that her mishaps could be a problem. What happens to upset the other two geese involves the cooperation of birds and other animals in the forest to create a scene of appreciated beauty.

Dr. Nancy Mims

Dr. Nancy Griffin Mims holds the title of Professor Emerita from the University of West Georgia.  Presently, she is full-time faculty at Jones International University, where she teaches online Master’s and Doctoral level courses.

She has visited several countries, not only to teach, but also to learn about the various myths and cultures.  Living in St. Petersbrg, Russia as a Fulbright scholar, Dr. Mims explored children’s literature and became fascinated with the way the russian folk tales imparted daily lessons and morals.  Later, in her travels to India for over a decade to lecture, teach and serve as the principal of two schools, one in Nashik, the other in Tardeo, provided her with more oportunities to read and stury children’s literature.

The Christmas Geese

The Easter Geese

The Summer Geese