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A Princess, A Prince And A Dragon by Joan Harris


When a prince asks a princess who is very bored to go on a ride to round up dragons, the princess readily agrees. On their journey they meet a very strange dragon who is very different from what they expected. He acts like a dragon, but he has unusual talents and requests. The prince and the princess do conquer him, but in ways that surprise the reader.


























Piper and the Sneezy-Weezy Cadoodle Daisy by Janet Becerra

Piper and the Sneezy-Weezy Cadoodle Daisy is the story of an eight year old girl named Piper and her pet cat, Bumble. Piper is full of life and very curious. One day, as Piper is walking with her cat, they find a strange flower that has no name. No one can figure out where this flower has come from, but the flower brings magic to her cat Bumble and Bumble’s friend, Nicky, the mouse. With the help of Mr.
James and Piper’s imagination, they finally make up a new name
for a flower that they cannot find in any books.They call this magical flower a Sneezy-Weezy-Cadoodle-Daisy. And the fun begins. 

Cowboy Zack Meets Jack and Jill Sprat by Dr. Jim Shoopman

Who could ever help poor old Jack Spratt? 
For he is so lean and his wife is so fat 
Everyone thinks it's a hopeless task 
'Till Zack comes to the rescue at last. 

The Easter Geese by Dr. Nancy Mims

The beloved three Christmas geese who live in the forest – Gladys, Gloria and Gretchen – are back again at Easter. This time, they team up with the deputy Easter rabbit as they volunteer their skills in decorating. Once again, little goose Gladys is so exuberant that her mishaps could be a problem. What happens to upset the other two geese involves the cooperation of birds and other animals in the forest to create a scene of appreciated beauty.

Sly Fly and the Gray Mare by Terri Hoffman 

Nobody understands Sly Fly, least of all other horseflies. In fact, they call Sly a “fly misfit” because he doesn’t bite horses as they do. Sly Fly just doesn’t fit in. Not to be discouraged, Sly and his unlikely horse friend, Gray Mare, hatch an ingenious scheme to keep other flies off of Gray. The story is humorous, and children will get a kick out of Sly Fly’s outrageous antics and attire.

Cowboy Zack and the Monkey from the Muggletown Zoo by Dr. Jim Shoopman

COWBOY ZACHARY HAMM comes to the rescue when a monkey from the Muggletown Zoo escapes. He is a strange little monkey who likes to pinch people's noses and stomp on hats. Nobody can stop him until Zachary Hamm follows him. The monkey tries his tricks on Zack, but Zack is smarter. This is the second book in the Zachary Hamm series written by Dr. Shoopman. His first is Zachary Hamm in the Land of Eggs.

Frozen In Time by Claire Hull

Come with Charlie and Joel and share the fun as they explore a 1900 year old lava tube in search of the Meatball. Crawl with them through the buried trunk of a tree that doesn't exist any more. These are real places!!! Find out where.

Happy Anderson and Dimmie Dolphin by Dr. Mary Custureri

Dimmy Dolphin, a lonely dolphin rejected by his family because he is awkward and not as skillful in swimming as his two brothers and his sister, wanders away and finds Happy, the friendly dog adopted by Bobby Anderson.  Happy and his family befriend Dimmy Dolphin, who then saves the lives of people on a sinking boat. Dimmy becomes a hero. 

Meet Happy Anderson by Dr. Mary Custureri

The first in the Happy Anderson series introduces the lovable golden-colored dog, Happy, to the Anderson family.

When Bobby's parents decide to buy him a dog, Bobby is sad when none of the dogs at the pet shop appeal to him.

Later that evening, he meets his new best friend in a most unusual way.

Happy Anderson and Connie Clam by Dr. Mary Custureri

Tired of her mud home, Connie Clam wants to roam, although her mother gives her dire warnings. When she arrives on shore, she is frightened until Happy Anderson, once a stray dog and now a proud "family member"  of the Anderson family finds her. He shows her a new world of carnival rides, surfing, games and fun on the shore.



Joy's Bluebird Adventure by Jane and Tom Anderson

A charming true story about a friendly little Yorkshire Terrier who comes to the aid of little bluebirds nesting in her yard.

Happy Anderson and Cookie Cat by Dr. Mary Custureri

Cookie Cat is scared of everything and everyone.  When Happy Anderson, once a sgtray dog,  finds her on a farm, he has to entice her to respond and entice his family to adopt her.  Cookie finally emerges as a new personality and friend in Happy's life.

The Fish from the Cherrywille Grill by Joni Craig

When young Bradley had lunch at the Cherryville Grill, which had a huge fish tank, a fish recieves his attention and talks to him. What a surprise when Bradley returns home and finds Freddy Fish in his backpack. Young Bradley then decides to take Freddy Fish with him wherever he goes. Freddy Fish has a number of exciting adventures until he makes a big decision.

Pies Don't Fly by Joni Craig

Bea Alden is an artist working out of her home studio in the beautiful Okanogan highlands of Washington State. She specializes in watercolor and acrylic landscapes, floral studies and portraits, all reflecting her delicate observation of the forms and colors of nature. A gallery of her paintings is at www.BeAldenart.com.

Book Category: Elementary Books

A Bad Night's Sleep by Joni Craig 

Anyone who has had children who have crawled in their beds at night for various reasons will appreciate this story. - Joni

A Shoulder for Oscar byJoni Craig 

A Shoulder For Oscar is the first in the upcoming series of Joni Craig's stories. When Robert found a baby squirrel who had fallen from his nest he brought him inside and told his mother he would adopt him. "A squirrel? Who adopts a squirrel?" But Robert pleaded. The adventures Craig writes about are authentic and reveals how a child experiences the joys and responsibilities of friendship.

The Autumn Geese by Dr. Nancy Mims

The little geese take an extended stroll through their forest where they find new friends, who tell them about Halloween and Thanksgiving traditions. New faces, strange foods, and the beauty of autumn all add up to a fun adventure for our three favorite geese! 


See, I Can Do It by Gloria Koehler and Donna Eastman

Brenna is an almost-grown bluebird who falls from her nest while her mother is out shopping for breakfast. Bruised and frightened, and without a grown-up to help her, Brenna shares her fears with her friends in the forest. As each friend tries to teach her their skills fr getting back into her nest, Brenna keeps failing. Just as she's about to give up, Brenna finally learns to use the skils that nature gave her to reach the safety of her home in the trees.


The Summer Geese by Dr. Nancy Mims

The three playful geese, Gladys, Gloria and Gretchen, decide to leave the forest and explore other regions. Their adventurous spirit takes them on a trip to south Florida. after a long and tiring flight, they discover a strange neighborhood. Their curiosity and eccentric antics cause a protective chihuahua to befriend them. From Carlos, the three geese learn the history of a very important summer celebration, which they share with their friends back home.   



Elliott's Gift by Audrey Hannah Cull

Elliott is a 2nd grader whose older brother has gone away to college. He begins to tell his friends about college, but it’s not that simple. Elliott sees college as an alien world where noth- ing is the same as it is on Earth. Join as Elliott goes on an out of this world adventure with new gadgets and scary monsters. This is college, right? Can it really be that different?

A Shoe Story by Joni Craig

Another appealing tale for children by Joni Craig, told in first person as a girl's sweet memories of all the special shoes she has worn during her lifetime. She joyfully talks about all the shoes she lovingly remembers since she was a baby up to the time of her own baby's shoe

Captain Jonah and His Search for God by Chris Gantry

Is God real?If He is real, then why can't we see Him. . .or. . .can we see Him? Maybe we're looking in the wrong place! Maybe He's closer than we ever imagined–closer than our own breath. Let's go with Captain Jonah and search for God. How far do you think we will have to look?

Sly Fly and the Gray Mare at The Rodeo by Terri Hoffman 

Something’s stirring at the ranch, and Sly Fly is out of his mind with excitement. If only he could convince Gray Mare to take part. In this second adventure of Sly Fly and Gray Mare, see how they work out their differences and bring a special gift to those around them.

Princess Rain and the Dragon by Helena Yates


Rain is a regular little girl who loves to pretend that she is the princess of her backyard. In fact, her very favorite pastime is to sit under the beautiful branches of her "castle" (a forsythia bush) and to eat her favorite snack -- a very unique peanut butter sandwich. However, everything changes when Rain dreams there is a dragon in her backyard. Will her big imagination get the better of her and keep her from enjoying what she loves, or will she conquer and confront her fears? Join Princess Rain in this delightful journey of a brave little girl.

With Cherries on Top by Ava Roulier 

​Here's a book that will please adults asmuch as children. Ava Roulier's imagination rivals even an advanced poet's point of view. Marvel at her jumps in thought-somewhere between surreal and strange and all so very original. You will be charmed. You will be challenged to think. Or, you may just laugh yourself silly. Dr. David B. Axelrod, Fulbright Poet and Laureate.

Taylor and Seale Publishing is happy to introduce readers to Ava Roulier's highly imaginative world in which she manipulates words that sometimes conjure up surprisingly in-depth images. Ava Roulier's debut book of poetry is a delight. Dr. Mary Custureri, President, Taylor and Seale Publishing, LLC.

Up Down The Front Back Door by Chris Gantry 

What if one day you woke up and the world was a different place from the one you knew? WOWZZA! Wouldn't that be exciting? A sidewalk was really a little girl who walked sideways all the time. And a butterfly was a stick of butter that flew arround the house. Come visit this different world. Maybe you've been there before. HAVE YOU?

The Underwater Orchestra by Chris Gantry

Imagine being under the waves, in the beautiful world of fish and sea creatures. What if they had a band? Who would lead them? What instruments would they play? The Underwater Orchestra is a delightful story about animals and fish living under the sea who come together to form a band. Both real and imagined, these characters lead the reader in a lyrical journey. Dive into this book and get swept away with whales, mermaids, and many other colorful creatures of the sea.

Queen Emileen by Theresa Burns

When little sister Emileen Ellen is born, big brotgher remarks that he has wanted a brother instead.  He observes her and thinks he has become a rival for their parents’ affection.  Thinking she is now the more privileged, her brother dubs her “Queen Emileen.”  The days go by and he watches what she does, and he decides she just might be fun as his mother reassures him he is loved just as much as ever.  A charming story dealing beautifully with sibling rivalry of the very young.


The Christmas Geese by Dr. Nancy Mims

They are very neat little geese, and at Christmas time they dust and clean to be ready for the holiday.  One little goose finishes first, and when she is tired of waiting, she starts eating crackers.  What happens next begins an adventure with a surprise ending, involving a whole neighborhood of little birds. It is a perfect Christmas story.


Isn't That Silly by Claire Hull

Charlie and Joel visit grandpa and grandma's farm and have an adventure with bats. Joel fantasizes that he can speak to the bats. Both children learn much about bats in an interesting enjoyable way. This book awakens a sense of wonder and appreciation of unusual animals.                  

Zachary Hamm in the Land of Eggs byDr. Jim Shoopman

Dr. Shoopman's book, ZACHARY HAMM IN THE LAND OF EGGS, is a juvenile fantasy with a message. It is only one of the rhyming bedtime stories the author created for the real life Zach, a young friend who is now getting his own doctorate. Besides being extremely entertaining, the story also has a message -- that we should not hate people who are different from us. Anyone who enjoys Dr. Seuss books will enjoy this book destined to become a classic.

The Royal Dragon Goes To School by Joan Harris

Billy Bob, The Royal Dragon, lives in a castle with his friend Princess Betty Lou Sue. Billy Bob is a very different dragon who wants to go to school to learn to read. The Princess and her friend Prince Arthur Jim Ray help Billy Bob get to school where he meets a bully. He deals with this problem in a most unusual way.