Charity Daw

Charity Daw's illustrative whimsy is Influenced by her colorful and cultured upbringing in Miami, Florida. Charity studied fine art and music at South Florida's premiere schools for the arts, includ- ing the prestigious DASH (Design & Architecture Sr. High) and New World School of the Arts/ University of Florida. Her pursuit of the arts ignited after winning the Scholastics Silver Key Arts & Writing Award at age 14. Since then her work has been published in Miami New Times, Her Magazine, Nashville Lifestyles, N Focus Magazine,with having shown her work in Miami galleries and alternative art spaces, including a show during one of the art world's most regarded events: Art Basel.

Her adjacent passion of songwriting brought her to Nashville, TN in 2008, where she met mentor Chris Gantry. Chris guided and inspired Charity's talents of both art and song. She spent 4 years in Music City honing her craft of songwriting, in what she described as "music camp" of sorts, she likens it to her years spent in school developing her fine arts skills. Already in her young songwrit- ing career her songs have been featured on Disney Channel and American Girl films, just to name a few.

Charity now lives in Los Angeles where she is writing and painting. This is her first children's book. 

Illustrator; Up Down The Front Back Door

Theresa Burns

From the age of five, Theresa Burns, originally from Chicago, dreamed of being able to illustrate children’s books.  In 1989, she wrote and illustrated her first book, You’re Not My Cat, through Harper Collins. A member of S.C.B.W.I. for several years, she has illustrated 24 books for herself and for other authors. Her books have received excellent reviews from Publishers Weekly, School Library Journal and Writers Digest.  You can see more of her work at:

Illustrator; The Underwater Orchestra

                       Captain Jonah and His Search for God

                       Queen Emileen

                       Sly Fly and The Gray Mare

                       Sly Fly and The Gray Mare at the Rodeo

Emily Krebaum

Emily Krebaum is currently a senior at Lisle Senior High School and an artist for Taylor and Seale Publishing. At three years old, she was drawing simple pictures of spiders and scribbles. Five years later, she was drawing detailed pictures of swans and submarines. The young artist always knew that she wanted to pursue art as a career. When she turned twelve, she was determined to make that dream a reality.  

Her list of artistic achievements has grown considerably. In junior high, she won the Lisle District 202 Art Show. In high school, she had an excellent art teacher, Venessa Hardy, who helped her improve her skills and gave her the opportunity to be in the I-8 Art Portfolio Competition. Now, thanks to her brilliant grandmother, Claire Krebaum, as well as her publisher and other clients, she has one of the best jobs an artist could have—illustrating children’s books. After graduation, she plans on attending the American Academy of Art in Chicago for a BFA in Illustration. 

In her spare time, she writes song lyrics and enjoys a nice, quiet life with her friends and family. Emily also works as a freelance artist on the side and can be reached at for any questions or comments. 

Illustrator; The Easter Geese

                      The Summer Geese

                      The Christmas Geese

                      The Fish From the Cherrywille Grill

Linda Barnett Thale

 Influenced by her painter father, Linda describes her early life as being full of coloring, drawing and painting. Her love for the use and softness of color, and the feeling of a person actually being present to the viewer as in the Impressionist paintings – especially those of Mary Cassatt, Renoir, Degas and Romantic Classicist J. W. Waterhouse – have all been a great influence on her. Capturing the figure and face in soft colors allows Linda to express the feelings and essence of not only her subject but also of the artist herself. In order to capture this feeling Linda works primarily in pastels and charcoal.
Trained in both classical and impressionist traditions, Linda graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, studies at the American Academy of Art, The Palette and Chisel of Fine Art, Chicago's Old Town Triangle Association, and with portrait artist Richard Halstead at the Noyes Cultural Center in Evanston, Illinois. When she returned to central Florida in 2005, Linda taught pastel and drawing classes at the Art League of Daytona Beach. She now has elected to teach privately and to work as a freelance artist. She continues to actively pursue her portraiture and artistic endeavors. Linda has exhibited in Florida and Illinois. Her artwork hangs in business collections in Florida and private collections throughout Illinois, Florida, California, Texas, Arizona, and Connecticut. In addition to her portraits of both people and animals, she has illustrated a book of poems. Contact information: Website

Illustrator: The Littlest Harpist

Featured Artists

Taylor and Seale Education

Helena Frende

Helena Frende has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a chunky crayon in her toddler hand. After many years of practicing her art, she arrived at illustrating “Elliotts’s Gift” as a sophomore at Texas State University. Helena enjoys drawing, reading, and traveling and can see no better path in life for herself than as an illustrator. “Elliott’s Gift” is her first published work, and was an incredible experience for her, much like college: daunting at first, but well worth it in the long run. Helena is working on her B.FA and hopes to illustrate many more books in her future. 

Illustrator; Elliott's Gift

Wendy C. Crouch 

 Wendy C. Crouch began her art career young, displaying a painting at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. at the age of 16. Since then, her work has sold all over the Eastern Seaboard and the World Wide Web. She has also had the honor of painting a time capsule commemorating the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts (on display at John D. Rockefeller House in Ormond Beach, Florida). Princess Rain and the Dragon is her first book for children. Wendy currently lives in Ormond Beach, Florida with her husband and four daughters.

Click here to see her current website. 

Illustrator: Princess Rain and The Dragon

Bea Alden

Bea Alden is an artist working out of her home studio in the beautiful Okanogan highlands of Washington State. She specializes in watercolor and acrylic landscapes, floral studies and portraits, all reflecting her delicate observation of the forms and colors of nature. A gallery of her paintings is at Bea was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is a graduate of the University of South Africa. Her lifelong passion for drawing and painting was reinforced by art studies in high school and college, and continuing master classes. Her published memoir, Liongold, a vivid account of life in South Africa during the apartheid regime, is illustrated with her own sketches. While also pursuing a challenging career in the health insurance industry, Bea painted watercolor landscapes and portraits of children, and taught continuing education classes in drawing, watercolor and calligraphy at Tacoma Community College. Bea and her husband, Leon, lived in several Washington locations before settling in the Okanogan region. 

Illustrator: A Bad Night's Sleep

                     Pies Don't Fly

Patricia Folmsbee

 Patricia Folmsbee has distinguished herself as an artist experienced in the utilization of various media to accomplish her artistic pieces. As a wife and a mother of two, she enjoys creating whimsical characters that warm the hearts of children and inspire children to learn. The character of Happy Anderson she brings all of the characters to life for children to enjoy and grow to love over a series of Happy Anderson adventures. 

Illustrator: Joy's Bluebird Adventure

                     Meet Happy Anderson

                     Happy Anderson and Cookie Cat

                     Happy Anderson and Dimmie Dolphin

                     Happy Anderson and Connie Clam

Christi Thomas

Artist Christi Thomas, was born in Savannah, Georgia and received formal training at the Savannah College of Art Design. Since graduating, Christi has found her niche in children’s book Illustrations, where she enjoys crafting whimsical and fantasy pieces using a variety of media. Christi has volunteered extensively and has seen first hand how creativity can enhance and brighten the life of both children and adults alike. She strives to bring that creativity to as many people as possible. She can be reached at 

Illustrator: Piper and the Sneezy-Weezy Cadoodle Daisy