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An amazing book review written by Sandra Frederick for the book "Little Emil Yek and The Search for The Giant Deer" by author Frank Ceravolo, ran Sunday (Feb. 15,2015) in the Key West Citizen. 




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Middle Grade/Young Adult/High School

Themes in book:

- journey toward maturity

- compassion
- making the right decisions
- finding the difference between good and evil
- overcoming dangers
- understanding bonds of friendship and family
- losing prejudice
- sacrifice for others
- discovering Florida nature

LITTLE EMIL YEK AND THE SEARCH FOR THE GIANT DEER is a story of a search for a goal which seems impossible for Little Emil, a miniature Key West Deer, as he searches Florida for his cousins, the "giant" (normal-sized) deer. Along the way he learns about patience, courage, friendship, loyalty and love as he and his little group of animal friends encounter obstacles, dangers, enemies and compassionate helpers. 

Little Emil Yek and The Search For The Giant Deer

Books by author:

Frank C. Ceravolo, a graduate of Florida Atlantic University with degrees in both Administration and Biology, is an entrepreneur and inventor. He owns a company that incorporates one of his patent-pending designs in automotive engineering. He has also worked as a case manager and guardian of abused children in the State of Florida. Also a master falconer, he has utilized his extensive knowledge and experience with this ancient sport in developing a system which prevents collisions between aircraft and wildlife in an effort to save lives. A frequent traveler and adventurer, he enjoys meeting people of diverse cultures and spending time appreciating some of the most beautiful locales in the world. Writing, scuba diving, surfing, and sport driving are among his passions. His extensive knowledge of wildlife in the south Florida area is apparent when he lectures about the diverse types of animals and birds found in that area (and mentioned in Little Emil Yek and the Search for the Giant Deer). His lectures are enlightening and enjoyable for children as well as adults, many of whom have read his book and can identify some of the interesting characters. 

Frank Ceravolo