The Flying Filly by Lee Arthur

The Flying Filly is a historical work of fiction – a novel for the whole family. It begins as the story of one girl, the Countess of Coulter, and her horse Spiletta, the Grand Dam of racing’s greatest horse. The characters in the story reveal life in the 18th century with all its status consciousness, its prejudices, strict rules, and, yes, even weaknesses.

The real Spiletta was the granddaughter of Sham, the Godolphin Arabian, and later mother of the undefeated Eclipse, the greatest sire in horsedom, and namesake of the Horse of the Year award to this day. 

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Book Category: High School/Young Adult

Pearl, MDby Marie Bartlett

After making a medical mistake that could cost a mother and infant their lives, can a young independent woman find redemption at a time when society doesn’t trust female physicians?
In 1883, Dr. Pearl Stern is haunted by guilt and self-doubt. Hoping for a fresh start in the small mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina, she vows to keep her past a secret as she leaves her Missouri home. Though she finds support from the city’s imposing Chief of Police, it’s only a matter of time before the tragic incident she left behind resurfaces, threatening to destroy her new life. Bartlett’s historical novel Pearl, MD explores the conflict women faced within the rigid roles set for them by nineteenth century society. The book’s themes are tolerance, forgiveness and the ability to face some of life’s toughest choices.

Rise and Shine, Rosie by Mary Kay Pyles

Eleven year old Rosie is left at home to take care of her older brother and her two four year old twin siblings, Anthony and Sophie. Her mother was once fun-loving and kind to them, but now she is addicted to drugs and has become threatening, returning home after long absences which they have to lie about in order not to be taken to foster homes. With the occasional help of her grandfather, whom the mother does not want around, her neighbor and her teacher, Rosie struggles through harmful situations that arise in the bad neighborhood in which they live. Her mother does nothing to protect them.

The Littlest Harpist by Melody Anglin

The Littlest Harpist is a sweet tale that brings a lingering warm smile. It leaves one to ponder the blessing and responsibility of raising our children to pursue all that God would have in store for them. The fact that it is a real life story makes it all the more magical. Spending a few minutes to read the book is a breath of fresh air to our overloaded lives. It’s also a precious few minutes to spend inspiring a child. I have had the wonderful pleasure of Melody’s friendship for over 30 years. 

Little Emil Yek and the Search for the Giant Deer by Frank Ceravolo

LITTLE EMIL YEK AND THE SEARCH FOR THE GIANT DEER is a story of a search for a goal which seems impossible for Little Emil, a miniature Key West Deer, as he searches Florida for his cousins, the "giant" (normal-sized) deer. Along the way he learns about patience, courage, friendship, loyalty and love as he and his little group of animal friends encounter obstacles, dangers, enemies and compassionate helpers.