Executive Misbehavior by Paul DiBrito

Paul DiBrito, who has held executive positions in several large corporations is now the head of Cornerstone Consulting Services that advises companies how to grow or fix their corporations. His vast experience reveals itself as he describes what excellent book to describe what often transpires behind the scenes in EXECUTIVE MISBEHAVIOR, his most interesting and informative book.  Description: A company's biggest liability may often be the misguided values and the integrity of its own leadership! DiBrito's book exposes problems that occur when the leaders in a corporation are unaware of the lack of responsibility of the top employees, or choose to ignore transgressions of ethical behavior.  A company can rise or fall through the actions of its executives. DiBrito's interesting book brings to the fore so much the public, or even a corporation itself, is often not aware of. EXECUTIVE MISBEHAVIOR should make an impact on the conscience of America's corporate leaders.

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The Christmas Geese by Nancy Mims

They are very neat little geese, and at Christmas time they dust and clean to be ready for the holiday.  One little goose finishes first, and when she is tired of waiting, she starts eating crackers.  What happens next begins an adventure with a surprise ending, involving a whole neighborhood of little birds. It is a perfect Christmas story.

Captain Jonah and His Search For God by Chris Gantry 

Is God real?If He is real, then why can't we see Him. . .or. . .can we see Him?  Maybe we're looking in the wrong place! Maybe He's closer than we ever imagined–closer than our own breath. Let's go with Captain Jonah and search for God. How far do you think we will have to look?

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The Littlest Harpist by Melody Anglin

The Littlest Harpist is a sweet tale that brings a lingering warm smile. It leaves one to ponder the blessing and responsibility of raising our children to pursue all that God would have in store for them. The fact that it is a real life story makes it all the more magical. Spending a few minutes to read the book is a breath of fresh air to our overloaded lives. It’s also a precious few minutes to spend inspiring a child. I have had the wonderful pleasure of Melody’s friendship for over 30 years. All of us have known that Melody has always had a little extra something special about her. In God’s abundant blessing she has always shared her gifts with everyone around her, healing people both physically and mentally. Harps have always brought us the vision of angels, and Melody fills the shoes well.


The Easter Geese by Nancy Mims

The beloved three Christmas geese who live in the forest – Gladys, Gloria and Gretchen – are back again at Easter. This time, they team up with the deputy Easter rabbit as they volunteer their skills in decorating. Once again, little goose Gladys is so exuberant that her mishaps could be a problem. What happens to upset the other two geese involves the cooperation of birds and other animals in the forest to create a scene of appreciated beauty.