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Another appealing tale for children by Joni Craig, told in first person as a girl's sweet memories of all the special shoes she has worn during her lifetime. She joyfully talks about all the shoes she lovingly remembers since she was a baby up to the time of her own baby's shoe

A Shoe Story

Joni Craig

Joni F. Craig grew up in New York, the daughter of a pediatrician. Her mother studied journalism. Joni received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Maryland and then certification at the Institute of Childrenʼs Literature in Connecticut. Over the years, she wrote a series of charming childrenʼs stories to entertain her three children and then twelve grandchildren. A still young-at-heart grandmother, Joni Craig now lives in Ponce Inlet, Florida, with her husband, Dr. Douglas Craig and enjoys playing golf.

When young Bradley had lunch at the Cherryville Grill, which had a huge fish tank, a fish recieves his attention and talks to him. What a surprise when Bradley returns home and finds Freddy Fish in his backpack. Young Bradley then decides to take Freddy Fish with him wherever he goes. Freddy Fish has a number of exciting adventures until he makes a big decision.

Anyone who has had children who have crawled in their beds at night for various reasons will appreciate this story. - Joni

A Shoulder For Oscar is the first in the upcoming series of Joni Craig's stories. When Robert found a baby squirrel who had fallen from his nest he brought him inside and told his mother he would adopt him. "A squirrel? Who adopts a squirrel?" But Robert pleaded. The adventures Craig writes about are authentic and reveals how a child experiences the joys and responsibilities of friendship.

Bea Alden is an artist working out of her home studio in the beautiful Okanogan highlands of Washington State. She specializes in watercolor and acrylic landscapes, floral studies and portraits, all reflecting her delicate observation of the forms and colors of nature. A gallery of her paintings is at www.BeAldenart.com.

Pies Don't Fly

A Shoulder For Oscar

A Bad Night's Sleep

The Fish from the

Cherrywille Grill