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Do not complain about the amount of homework your child has. If child is too slow in completing, see if he/she is using good strategies to learn. Sometimes a child does not understand that a reading assignment is to be taken seriously. A student should take notes while reading and you should see if the child is really on task when studying.

Provide the Right Environment
Provide a private space free of distractions. The room should be of a moderate temperature. 
Provide the student with implements to go with assignments (e.g. dictionary, calculator, calendar).
Adjust the light to a student's needs. Some students are sensitive to too much light.
Provide a desk pad (a red poster board is good as a focus point), a calendar, and healthy snacks.

Schedule Homework Time
Each person's biological clock is different; schedule a time best for student. 
Avoid last minute rush to complete assignments. 
Make sure student completes daily assignments and get a homework assignment book. 

Foster Responsibility
Do not do homework for the student.
Avoid need for tutors by teaching strategies.

When child says he/she has NO homework..
Is he doing the homework too fast in class without learning? 
Is the student copying?
Is the student avoiding the homework? Look at the student's assignment book. Check with the teacher.  Note: Some schools post assignments on line.
If a student seems to have no homework, find a chapter in the book that he/she is currently using and assign something to do (Write an essay, narrate what they read, write a summary, etc).
If the student has problems understanding, encourage peer help or encourage the student to talk to the teacher for clarification of concepts or for special strategies to help.

Help Your Child Succeed:
Homework Tips for Parents

Provide the Right Environment 
Schedule Homework Time 
Foster Responsibility

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